Raw material  100% polyester chips Dyeing type Dope dyed Density deviation % ±2.0 for AA grade, ±2.5 for A grade  Density CV % ≤1.50 Tenacity ≥3.10 Tenacity CV % ≤8 Elongation % To be negotiated with customers ±6 Elongation CV % ≤16 Oil content % To be negotiated with customers ±0.35 Thermal shrinkage % To be negotiated with customers ±1.2 Boiling shrinkage % To be negotiated with customers ±1.2 Color evenness ≥4 Weight of bobbin kg ≥1.50 Color fastness To comply with customers' requirements  Network density tpm To be negotiated with customers ±6.0 Dope dyed anti-UV yarn Also known as light resistance yarn. It has the ability to resist ultraviolet, can protect the body from ultraviolet radiation damage. The color of the fiber is rich, complete in specifications, 500 hours of strength of more than 60%. And the fabric feels soft and brightly colored Application fields: beach umbrella、ball cap、curtain、quilt