---------------Purchase notice----------------------

Regarding ordering:If you need to order,you are welcome to send color samples or quality samples.

Regarding quotation: the order quantity requirement directly affects the unit price.If the quantity is unclear,we will quote according to the minimum order quantity.

Regarding chromatic aberration :All products of our company are taken in kind.Due to the display or the light source of the shooting, chromatic aberration will occur.Customers who are concerned about the chromatic aberration must consider it before shooting or send a sample for confirmation.

About delivery time:The cut samples will shipped within 24 hours. Orders are shipped within 24 hours. Orders are shipped within the time specified in the contract.If there are special circumstances that make it impossible to deliver goods,we will contact the buyer as soon as possible.

About freight:rice samples are paid by express delivery. If you need to specify the express, please contact customer service.All bulk shipments are consigned.

Regarding the return and exchange:the delivered goods will not be replaced if there is no quality problem.If there is a quality problem, it will be resolved through consultation withth 7 days after receipt.