1.The king of patchwork Kingdom is, of course, a warm quilt.( Duvet) Abrasion-resistant fabric of the upper layer made of 100% cotton (USA and Japan.) Insulating layer of thinsulate. with thickness 2.3 cm, it is equivalent to 3.5 cm of natural down. It is eco-friendly, breathable and energy-saving. The lining is made of hypoallergenic cotton. Hand stitch. It is warm and soft. The best comforter for your house. It will warm you in bad weather. 2.Patchwork quilt (thickness 1,5 cm) — budget version of the blanket. It has the same parameters as comforter. — 100% cotton uppers, lining staple, hand stitch, and the thickness of the insulation ( thinsulate) is 1.5 cm, which is equal to 2.2 cm natural down. Such plaid is recommended for the children room. Under it the baby gets warm but not sweat, because thinsulate keeps warm but withdraws excess moisture. 3.The patchwork throw. Patchwork top is connected to the lining-termostojki. The stitch here is not manual, but automatic. It is light and bright and is well suited as a cover for sofa or bed, and will always please an eye with the beauty and uniqueness of the picture.