The stock status of this product is grey cloth. You can make an order according to your color, or you can make an order according to the color and color number in the figure above. The normal market price of this product is 2.4 US dollars per meter. Affected by the epidemic, the factory's grey cloth price will be reduced, so that we can reduce the cost and make profits to you who need this product. Welcome to order, get affordable price, the quality of the goods please rest assured that there is no problem.

The company perennial distribution of authentic batch of stock fabrics, grey cloth, dyed cloth, printed cloth. Grey fabric can be made to order, dyed or printed according to customers' needs, and the price is 30% - 50% cheaper than the market price. Our products are exported to Southeast Asian countries, South America and the Middle East. Welcome customers from all over the world to Shaoxing to contact and cooperate with our company. Tell me what you need. We can help you find the stock in stock and save the cost.